“Tackling the muddy topics of COVID-19,
unemployment, and police brutality, a spirited
.Paak runs laps around those who choose
to stay mum during these trying times”
– Billboard

“Anderson .Paak is one of the most talented
musicians in the world, always contributing
his blend of funk, hip-hop, and soul
when we need it most.”
– Hot New Hip Hop

“It’s no secret that Anderson .Paak
is one of the best entertainers we’ve got right now…”

“.Paak’s skill set is substantial – drummer, writer, producer, rapper, singer – and it’s a sign of the 33-year-old’s
standing that the likes of Dre, Pharrell, Brandy,
Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, Snoop, Q-Tip, and J. Cole
all made time for the Oxnard/Ventura sessions”

Prodigious singer/songwriter, explosive performer, and protégé of the legendary rapper, producer, and record executive Dr. Dre, Anderson .Paak was embraced by Aftermath Entertainment. Recognizing his unique and undeniable talent in addition to their formidable bond, Dr. Dre served as executive producer on Oxnard and Ventura. In ”Lockdown”, his latest release on Juneteenth, .Paak highlights everything from the coronavirus to police brutality using his signature blend of funk, hip-hop and soul.