American Roots Performance

From legendary Americana music icon Arlo Guthrie and acclaimed pianist Jim Wilson
comes a poignant new single and music video, a hopeful anthem for a world in crisis
with a stunning rendition of the Stephen Collins Foster classic

“Hard Times Come Again No More.”
Featuring Special Guests including vocalist Vanessa Bryan, multi-GRAMMY®
Award-winning bassist Stanley Clarke, and guitarist Andy McKee

“I grew up in a family that cared about the hardships of others. My father was well known for writing and performing songs to offer hope. ‘Hard Times Come Again No More’ resonates with me, and I know it did as well with Woody. Though it was first released around 1900, the message endures with the calamities of today being utterly unjustifiable. We must come together not only as a country, but all across the globe in this dire moment.”Arlo Guthrie

“…a folk legend in his own right…” TIME

“Who better to soothe our frayed nerves in such chaotic times than Arlo Guthrie. He has been doing just that practically his whole life.” GLIDE 

“Arlo Guthrie unveils pandemic-inspired Stephen Foster cover ‘Hard Times Come Again No More’…[the] music video is a veritable chronicle of hard times, from the Depression-era that inspired Woody’s songs right up through images of Black Lives Matter protests and masked hospital workers…the song certainly is enduring.” – Rolling Stone

“It’s the first new recording by Guthrie to be released in over a decade — and it probably couldn’t come at a better time. Hopefully, listeners will be able to find some comfort, relief and even joy from this gorgeous rendition of the Stephen Foster classic during these difficult times.” San Jose Mercury News

“The Guthries are the first family of American folk. They practice what Woody preached.”                                                                                                                -Vanity Fair

“Legendary folk singer Arlo Guthrie isn’t letting COVID-19 slow him down—instead he’s busy releasing a new pandemic rendition of an 1854 classic ‘Hard Times Come Again No More.’ Guthrie decided to record the song during quarantine to offer compassion to those who are suffering right now.”        – NY1

“It’s been a decade since Arlo Guthrie released a new recording. So when he did, not surprisingly, he wanted it to be something that counted…The song, with some new lyrics by Guthrie and Wilson, puts a hopeful spin on a time of pandemic, social unrest and political discord.” – Digital First Media

“Folk legend Arlo Guthrie remains a true American original.” – GLIDE

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