“JAY-Z and writer-director-composer Jeymes Samuel created the sonic signatures of 
‘the Black West’…Musically, it morphs Leonard Bernstein-influenced epic orchestras 
and Ennio Morricone’s showdown scores into reggae and hip-hop”
The Hollywood Reporter

“…an eclectic, joyfully anachronistic soundtrack”
The New York Times

“The team used the soundtrack to help bring a new take on the Western genre”

 “The Harder They Fall Soundtrack is so good because it was written into the script”

“If a soundtrack boasts new music from both JAY-Z and Ms. Lauryn Hill, 
that is a soundtrack worth paying attention to.”

  “Genre-spanning score…took in the whole African diaspora, from 
Cape Verde to Jamaica, from Mali to Brooklyn, from London to South Africa”
The Hollywood Reporter