“Good Woman”

Traditional R&B Performance
R&B Song

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Hailing from Galveston, TX, Tanya’s route toward becoming a professional artist has been far from typical. The entrepreneur turned R&B singer, songwriter, and producer, became a Billboard chart-topping artist earlier this year with the release of “Good Woman” – all while spearheading the largest childcare learning facility in Galveston County and establishing the all-female run record label, ArtsessionZ. 
Written by Tanya, along with Joseph Leo Polk (Kenny Latimore), and GRAMMY® Award winner Lab Ox, who also produced the track, “Good Woman” is sure to become an anthem for the legions of women across the country who can relate to the idea of being in a relationship and not feeling appreciated. Comments Tanya, “the song is about a woman giving her partner all that she has; love, passion and attention, so that her partner feels loved and wanted, but clearly she is not getting that in return.”