Best Dance/Electronic Music Album

ANYMA is creating the future of EDM by combining
the worlds of music and digital art to create an
unforgettable immersive experience

“Welcome To The Opera”

featuring Grimes

Record Of The Year • Song Of The Year

Best Dance/Electronic Recording

Best Music Video

ANYMA is the multi-disciplinary music and contemporary fine art project by Tale of Us and Afterlife founding member, Matteo Milleri, whose music and visual art has been causing a stir across the music world. Footage recorded at ANYMA’s debut live performances have gone viral multiple times – the distinctive musical and visual identity capturing the imaginations of millions of fans across the globe. The shows are an immersive, once in a lifetime experience which go a level beyond what has come before.

“GENESYS makes a compelling case to ultimately become dance music’s
top album of the year”
Dancing Astronaut

“The project is breathtaking in scope and execution. It’s more than a DJ/Producer releasing rave tracks, it’s a vision of the future”
“Strikingly cinematic…GENESYS blazes a luminous trail for ANYMA’s career, setting the bar high through its visionary production”
“GENESYS is a thought-provoking concept album that feels increasingly rare in the current music climate”