Being smooth and debonair is something that takes time for most, but for Chrystian (You know if you spell your name like this you have to be cool), it just comes naturally. This young man is a natural performer, singer/songwriter that has been able to merge R&B, Pop and African sounds. He is the future and if you want to experience it, look out for him and his new album ‘Genesis.’ We had a chance to sit down and chop it up with Chrystian about taking Beyonce from Jay-Z, exotic animals, Gabby Douglas doing “The Dougie” and how he writes his music.

Prime Time … Well, I would say the advantage of being in the industry is the prime years to be an artist. However, the disadvantages are the life experiences. I don’t have as many life experiences because from the age of thirteen I have been a full-fledged artist. I have been singing forever. I didn’t get a chance to do the kid stuff like go to dances and hang out with my friends.

Friends Say … My friends would probably say that I am music. Everything is centered on music. They will also probably say I’m funny. I don’t really think so, but they always say it.

Stage Game Crazy … I’m really big on preparation. I like to prepare and practice before a show so I am on point. Of course you get butterflies before you perform, but I use it as adrenaline for my performance. Live performances give your music a new dimension and life of it’s own. I am really calm before the show then I turn into another person on stage. When I get off the stage I’m calm again. It’s like watching a roller coaster.

Influencers … Usher, Michael & Janet Jackson and Brandy. I could go on and on, but those are the key people that come to mind. Ever since I was young I would watch Usher. He was and still is an all around amazing artist. Michael and Janet just have that star power. They are the definition of entertainers. They give all they have on that stage or on those records. The Jackson’s just have something special that they leave with you. And Brandy has the best voice of all time.

Universal Music … I think my music is R&B, but it’s so diverse at the same time. We experimented so much! There is Rock, Pop and African element in the music. The people that co-wrote the songs are actually from Africa.

Genesis “The Beginning” … I just wrapped up my album ‘Genesis.’ I am promoting the record “Getting It In.” Getting It In can mean several things like having a good time in the club. It’s all about having fun.

Writes Itself … It varies if I’m writing, I usually write once I hear a track. I want to see where the music takes me. I let it take me where it wants to go. It is almost like the music writes itself. I’ll see a word and I’ll start to expand.

Shy … I am actually really shy. You wouldn’t expect me to give the performance I give if you just saw me in the street.

Love Child … I would definitely have a love child with Beyonce. Jay-Z is not going to except that, but he probably hears it all the time.

Ideal Woman … She probably would look something like Keri Hilson. Keri Hilson is gorgeous! My ideal woman has to be confident, spiritually passionate, positive and caring. I just want her to be a good person.

Confidence Always Works … I’m just confident in being myself. Women are attracted to confidence.

Battle of The Cities … N.Y.C. and L.A. are both entertainment capitals. A lot of the music scene is based in these two great cities. Columbus, Ohio is just home… it is what I know. L.A. is a little bit slower pace and NYC never sleeps. I like L.A. better and have spent a lot of time there. We are doing a showcase in NYC in the fall.

Exotic Animals … I would get a cheetah… if I could get one that didn’t bite or wouldn’t try to eat me.

Haters R Us … Haters will hate on anybody doing something. Haters are just confused admirers. If you are constantly hitting me up on Twitter and you know everything about me your really just a fan. You’re just a fan just hating. (Period!) I try to keep it positive but its part of the business.

I am a grown ass man because … I known who I am… Chrystian

I wish … for people to be honest, to ask what they want of me.

Fun Favorite List

Favorite Candy … Jolly Ranchers … blue raspberry or green apple.

Favorite Female Celeb … Beyonce.

Favorite Food Restaurant – I don’t know if they are nation wide but Bravo. It is a Italian restaurant. I also love, love Chitpotle!

Favorite Food – Pasta!

Favorite Desert – I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I like banana cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.

Favorite Sneaker – Android’s and Supra’s. I love sneakers.

Favorite Shoe – I wear boots, but I don’t wear shoes often.

Favorite Haircut – I shave mine off nice and even.

Favorite Club/lounge – Republic or the teen club.

Favorite Dance – The infamous Dougie. Ever since that dance came out no matter what I’m doing in the club it always ends up being the Dougie. Gabby Douglas did the Dougie and added her little swag to it. She just made history, she can do the Dougie however she wants to.