By David Blankenship


You could almost hear it as the band just looked at each other the second the lights hit them. Everyone absolutely was with the band on beat one. Within a few seconds it was clear that this night would be special. Bands, even great ones, usually need part of the first song to get their footing — time to put everything in the pocket, time for the sound guy to get levels right. This didn’t happen Saturday night at the Aud as Robert Cray and his band were locked into each other instantly. It wasn’t just the band that made this night so special, the sound from the Aud staff was also instantaneously near perfect — punchy enough to feel it in your chest, clear enough to hear any part from any instrument at any time, loud enough to make you smile and quiet enough to keep your ears from ringing. This room was made for music like Robert Cray.
The show kicked off with “I Shiver,” a desperate minor key story about a haunted man who can’t get the woman he wants. Underneath the clever lyrics, what made the song special was drummer Les Falconer keeping eighth notes on the hi-hat, which allowed bassist Richard Cousins to create the mood with a syncopated line that fit the song’s angst to a tee. …

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