Run DMC rapper Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels has revealed he would love to collaborate with Sir Paul McCartney.

The 49-year-old musician is working on his second solo album, which will bring “rockers and rappers together”, and hopes to get the Beatle on board.

“I gotta make a record with Paul McCartney on this album, because people say Run DMC is like the Beatles of hip-hop and Paul McCartney is the Beatles of rock and roll. That’s a dream collaboration,” he said.

DMC continued: “I idolise Paul McCartney – he’s the reason why I’m the Beatle of hip-hop. So if we get together, that will bring together my generation and his generation, which will be a dominant force factor, which will inspire up-and-coming young artists.”

For the follow-up to 2006’s Checks Thugs And Rock N Roll, he wants to feature live music.

“We made hip-hop rock and roll. What I’m trying to do on this new album is to use live musicians, and instead of programmed beats, use real guitars and real drums. I’m trying to do rock-rap live right now so I’m going to have a lot of legendary musicians on a song,” he said.

“Top of the line is Andre 3000, Paul McCartney, Chuck D of Public Enemy and Sheryl Crow.”

DMC has ‘collided’ with Canadian DJ A-Trak (Alain Macklovitch) for a new Adidas Originals campaign, #Unitealloriginals, which includes a remix of Run DMC’s 1986 track My Adidas, the first single from Run DMC’s third album Raising Hell.

“25 years ago, when we did a song about Adidas, we were approached to endorse it. That wasn’t the motivating factor behind it all, we did it because we love Adidas… But it was a huge catalyst of innovation, inspiration, motivation and creativity,” he explained.

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