Historically, comics have never accurately embodied the world we live in.  Geekdom is much more diverse than The Big Bang Theory would have you believe, and many in the nerd community are tired of having a universe that does not fairly represent our lives.  At the same time, the image that the media feeds us of hip hop is rarely a fair depiction of the culture.  Many modern, commercialized rappers claim to represent “hip hop,” but MCing is only one aspect of a larger culture, a culture these rappers are not invested in.   Luckily, Hip Hop legend, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and total comic book head DMC has launched a new comic that will give a realistic take on both the NYC streets the characters live in and Hip Hop.

DMC, AKA Darryl McDaniels, is teaming up with some of the best creators in comics for his new imprint Darryl Make Comics.  The first graphic novel, set to drop in October 29, 2014, is appropriately titled DMC.  The lead character is an alternative version of McDaniels.  Instead of battling sucker MCs, this DMC is a superpowered teacher who fights reprehensible villains.  The backdrop of this story is the city where both Hip Hop and comics were born.


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