Robert Cray is back with a new* band, and delivers another smooth set at the hands of producer Steve Jordan. Check out some music and a behind the scenes video from Robert…
in my soul cdIf Buddy Guy is known for guitar slinging, and BB is known for his swing, veteran Robert Cray has to be known for that voice.
His unmistakable smooth vocal sound is back on the upcoming In My Soul – his 19th (!) studio record, which comes out on April 1.
Cray’s quartet features longtime collaborator Richard Cousins on bass, and a “fifth” member in producer Steve Jordan, who has produced John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Alicia Keys, Buddy Guy, Keith Richards, and many others.
At radio now is the first single, You Move Me — a song more than worthy of crossing over from the blues show to full time play.
Check out the “Making Of” In My Soul video, and take a listen to You Move Me, below.



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