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The superhero. Then we jam with mia maestro. Plus, the art of sumo. Trust me when I tell you, this can only be seen on “latination.. I’m your host humberto guida. And this week’s stories are all about re-invention, and that goes especially for our first story. You know him as dmc, the king of rock from the legendary hip-hop group run dmc, but after making his mark in music, darryl McDANIELS is now determined to take on the world of comic books. With a character modeled after his onstage persona, darryl knew like any superhero, he needed a helping hand, and by joining forces with comic book art director edgardo miranda, dmc’s foray into the comic book world has been launched. And we have the origin story coming up right here on “latination.” >> I’m the king of rock there ain’t nothing higher run dmc you can call me sire >> Yo, what’s up? Dmc in the place to be, the place to be is with dmc. I’m the best emcee in history. There will never be an emcee better than me. Darryl McDANIELS aka dmc, the king of rock. >> Here we go it’s tricky to rock around to rock around that’s right on time it’s tricky it’s tricky, tricky, tricky >> Well, before hip-hop came over the bridge from the bronx, I would go to school and I would come home, and my wholes.ow, hip-hop comes over the bridge, the beats, the rhymes, the style, everything about it was me. And just like I wanted to be batman and superman, all of the little kids wanted to be grandmaster flash, afrika bambaataa. Those guys were like my superheroes. And I never really understood that until I got into hip-hop and started making records with run and jay where, you know, after our first record drops, people say, man, when run dmc came out, you guys were like our superheroes. My name is darryl >> You can call him “d” >> You can call me darryl mac >> Or you can call him dmc >> And what brings it all together is this, we had this huge collection of comic books. And I’ll never forget the day–my brother was 3 years older than me, alfred, he comes in the room and he goes, yo, we got to get some turntables ’cause we gotta be part of this hip-hop thing. And just by the look on his face, I was like, no, no, don’t say it. He was like we have to do a comic book sale. The thing that happened to me was I had to put down the pencil, ’cause I was always drawing a comic book, and I picked up the microphone. So when people look and say, why the hell is dmc is involved with comic book culture? Because it’s not dmc that’s involved with comic book culture, it’s darryl McDANIELS, the little kid, that is a part of comic book culture. >> Dmc came to me with this idea of actually doing a comic book because he wanted to be a superhero. And I actually engaged him in this conversation and I told dmc if we’re going to create an original graphic novel with you as a superhero, let’s have a fresh look at it. From a story telling perspective, it looks beautiful to see wild style graffiti, young people of all colors, posing and b-boy stances, but for me, it was important to tell a story in a way that manyoplere familiar with. There’s still a hero, there’s still a villain, there’s still supporting characters. Now, when you see comic books by other publishers, one of the things that the publisher always does is that they would introduce you to the writer, they’ll introduce you to the artists. They’ve never been able to actually introduce you to the hero. You’re gonna see him on the pages of our comic book and graphic novel, but he’s physically there and he has this amazing presence and a connection to his fans and a connection to his public. We actually decided to look at dmc as an icon. What was it about dmc iconography that stood the test of time? It was his adidas snickers. It was his track suit. It was his godfather hat. It was his ultra goliath and his gold chain. That was our prototype where we actually grew our character from. The main thing that I hope our book “dmc” accomplishes is it continues to celebrate comic book culture, but it brings more people to the table. >> I want kids from this book to get a vision that anything they can dream of, anything they can pretend to be–i pretended to be melly mel, I became an emcee. I pretended to have a comic book myself by drawing it, now I got one. I want kids to realize, comic books ain’t for make believe, it’s for real.

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