By Troy Stephenson


The Producers & Engineers Wing of The Recording Academy, in conjunction with The Recording Academy Nashville Chapter, recently hosted “Lost In Transaction” at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville on Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014. The panel included Attorney Elizabeth Gregory, Entrepreneur and author Jay Frank, and Joe D’Ambrosio, head of the talent management company Joe D’Ambrosio Management, Inc. The discussion focused on the increasingly complex and intricate landscape that the music industry has become for artists, record producers and recording engineers.

“‘Lost In Transaction’ has become a highly anticipated event for both the Producers & Engineers Wing and The Recording Academy Nashville Chapter,” stated Maureen Droney, Managing Director of the P&E Wing. “It covers an often overlooked but critical aspect of music production, which is the business of music production. We all love the technical aspects of making music, and our passion for music itself has never been stronger. But without a firm understanding of the how our industry is changing around us, our ability to continue to make music for a living becomes imperiled. ‘Lost in Transaction” is how we keep our members aware of how the music business is changing.”

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