(September 29, 2014/ New York, NY) Owlle, the “dream-pop” composer-singer who made international headlines with her breakout debut single “Ticky Ticky” will release her album FRANCE in the US on Sony Music October 28th.  Alongside “Ticky Ticky,” the 12 song digital-only album – aptly named after her real name and her home country – features the upcoming single “Creed” https://soundcloud.com/owlle/creed-1/s-0mofL and a bonus track for the US only; a cover of the Zombie’s “She’s Not There.”

With comparisons to Lykke Li, Kate Bush and Bat For Lashes, Owlle is the rare creature of night who finds her bliss in solitude. Her shadowy electropop tunes reverberate with the tremors of midnight and the eerie afterglow of dancefloors long abandoned. They feel both futuristic and ancient — as does everything Owlle creates.

“Owlle might look like Grimes’s chic continental counterpart on paper,” says BlackBook, “sonically, she’s worlds apart, putting her enchanting voice at the forefront of her sound. Backed by shimmering productions, the few songs the omnichord-wielding parisienne has released so far lean toward the anthemic. “Ticky Ticky” is tears-on-the-dancefloor perfection, while “Disorder” balances a tightly-controlled melody with haunting vocals.”

Nylon Magazine adds, “She’s only been on the scene for a couple of years, but already the singer, songwriter and composer has accumulated a following overseas and earned comparisons to everyone from Kate Bush to Lykke Li. Although the similarities are definitely there (dreamy voice, euphoric-sounding melodies, cinematic soundscape), it’s only a matter of time before Owlle steps into a league of her own.”

In 2013 Owlle produced one of Depeche Mode’s highly remarked remixes for their song “Heaven” and recently produced a remix for Sia’s “Chandelier” prompting the Grammy nominee to post it on her siamusic page: https://soundcloud.com/siamusic/sia-chandelier-owlle-remix

The fiery redhead –who started composing with the help of just an Omnichord and says she was influenced by the diverse worlds of Portishead, Martina Topley-Bird, Madonna as well as Brian Eno – has garnered praise from all corners of the globe, quickly becoming an indie darling and critic’s favorite.

Owlle’s background in fine art allows her to create a distinct world around her. From her art direction and cinematography to costuming choices, Owlle’s mesmerizing imagery is just as important as the music itself. The Owlle experience defies being contained to one form: the sound, style, and visuals must be taken as one convergent reality — a reality of a young artist’s own creation.

A video for the single “Creed” will be released later this month and features sightings of the infamous Permaid from Los Angeles.  “Permaid, the Persian mermaid who mysteriously washed up off the shores of Malibu in a giant clam shell, is fast becoming the it girl-fish of LA…” –Dazed & Confused

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