Written By: By Steve Jones, USA TODAY
Photo Credit:Urs Flueeler, AP

The Robert Cray Band’s Won’t Be Coming Home, a stirring track from the upcoming Nothin’ But Love album, is our pick of the week. On Home, the blues guitar great comes to grips with the fact that his woman is gone for good as he stands watching her taillights disappear in the distance.

10 intriguing tracks found during the week’s listening:

That’s Still Mama, Cody ChesnuTT
The guitarist chastises a wayward son for disrespecting his mother, who continues to offer her support.

Madness, Aaron Camper
Grammy-nominated R&B singer/songwriter is going crazy over a woman whom he can’t seem to get out of his mind.

Believe in Us, Mint Condition
The veteran R&B band delivers a silky love ballad from its upcoming eighth album, The Speed of Life.

Do What U Gotta Do, Angie Stone
Stone encourages listeners to stand strong in the face of tough times on this single from her upcoming Rich Girl.

Liquid Swords, GZA
RZA-produced title track from Wu Tang Clan Genius’ just reissued 1995 masterpiece, which comes with a chess set.

Keep It Politics, Raekwon
Wu Tang Clan Chef’s storytelling skills propel this track from the indie documentary Closed Sessions Vol. 2.

Get Up Stand Up, Public Enemy featuring Brother Ali
The still-incendiary band unleashes a fist-raising action call from Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp.

The Blues, Tito Lopez
Up-and-coming Mississippi rapper rhymes about all the stress in his life on this Organized Noize-produced track.

The Recipe, Kendrick Lamar featuring Dr. Dre
The natural pleasures of sunny California are extolled on this mesmerizing track from Lamar’s upcoming debut.

Batter Up, Nelly
R.I.P. Sherman Hemsley, who danced in the video for 2001 song that used The Jeffersons theme lyrics in the chorus

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