Rebecca Pidgeon surfaces for the sixth time from her other artistic career – acting – to put together an easy listening album that showcases her crystalline voice, guitar and songwriting skills. Recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer Larry Klein, the utterly calming “Slingshot” marks their third collaboration.
“Slingshot” includes a co-production between Pidgeon and her husband, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright/film director David Mamet. The largely a cappella “Baby Please Come Home” showcases Pidgeon’s vibrating vocals and opens a strange time capsule where one hears echoes of Sarah McLachlan’s hit “Angel.”
The album features songs written by Pidgeon, including “Get Up, Get Out,” “A Lonely Place” and “I Loved No-One.” In fact, the eerily dark lyrics are the strong suit of the record. The singer manages to lend the pop production extra depth that comes from longing (“I’ll stop this sighing/I’ll break this sadness/Something calls me/In the darkness”), loving (“But you are picture perfect/And we talk into the night”) and living (“You couldn’t find the corkscrew/So we drank beer instead/Then we played catch until morning”).
“Get Up, Get Out” sets an upbeat tone in the beginning, while “A Lonely Place” charms with its noir feel.
One of the highlights of the record is a rendition of Warren Zevon’s “Searching for a Heart” that was also featured in the television show “Covert Affairs.” Pidgeon’s gentle voice matches the tune to a tee.
The only letdown is the title track. Despite its best of intentions, the song ends up monotonous and wailing.
CHECK OUT THIS TRACK: “Disintegration Man” melds melody and lyrics in such a way that it sounds like a joyous party firework that can both light up the evening or blow torch your face.