Oscar-nominated actor Danny Aiello lives in Saddle River, and rarely passes through Ridgewood. That could be changing, the actor said, thanks to his recent foray into the village.

Aiello was named the first-ever celebrity lifetime honoree at the Ridgewood Guild’s annual film festival last week.

The well-known actor was brought to Ridgewood for the second day of the two-day festival, now in its fourth year, thanks to his friend and fellow actor, RJ Konner, a Ridgewood resident. Aiello went out to eat at the new restaurant Mémoire in Ridgewood while the film festival progressed in its entirety in Theatres 1 and 2 of Ridgewood’s Clearview Warner Quad.

“I’ve never been in Ridgewood really for any significant amount of time. I live in Saddle River. I promise that I’ll be here more often,” said Aiello, who blew a kiss to the audience upon returning to the theater after dinner, before taking a moment to praise his meal at Mémoire.

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