By Robert Tutton

Long before DMC unlaced his shell-tops and told us how to walk, before the King of Rock crowned himself with a black fedora and certainly before he became a music icon as one third of Run DMC, young Darryl McDaniels was reading comic books. He may be a hip-hop legend, but before he ever wrote a rhyme he was drawing superheroes.

It’s fitting then that DMC is now himself a superhero in the pages of Darryl Makes Comics, the indie publisher he launched over a year ago. The comics present a variation of a world we know well—the familiar aesthetic of New York City in the 1980s, chock full of tracksuited b-boys and subway cars splashed to life with wildstyle graffiti. The hero DMC stands as a sort of sentinel of the forgotten, defending the marginalized as much from crooks as from their supposed protectors.

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