Soulive are known for their funk and jazz sounds but Thursday night (March 20), the Woodstock, N.Y., trio invited hip-hop staples DMC and Talib Kweli to grace the stage at Brooklyn’s own Brooklyn Bowl to take everyone on a trip down memory lane.
As part of Bowlive V, the third night of Soulive’s residency at the Brooklyn venue, they brought together jazz and hip-hop in a way that turned the venue into a big dance party. After Soulive performed their solo set, Kweli took the stage and not only brought singers and co-songwriters Abby Dobson and Kendra Ross onstage to perform his 2002 track, ‘Get By’ but also plugged his new LP, ‘Gravitas,’ which is exclusively available on his website.
“I wanted direct contact with the fans,” he announced.
Dobson and Kweli also performed ‘State of Grace,’ off the new album. “I dedicate this to everyone who may have once fallen out of love with hip-hop,” he said.
DMC later performed but didn’t want to hit the stage solo. The Run-D.M.C. member invited Kweli to join him. Both of them had great things to say about each other. “Talib Kweli is hip-hop,” DMC proclaimed on the mic.
Meanwhile, Kweli called DMC “a legend.”
I grew up with Run-D.M.C.,” Kweli said. “And I’m gonna attempt to do one of my favorites with DMC right now.”
The two performed ‘Peter Piper,’ which drove the crowd wild. They then went into ‘Get Tricky’ and ended the night with ‘Walk This Way,’ getting some help from one of the members of Hollis Brown, a local New York indie rock band.

Check out photos from the hip-hop set.
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