Wil Mara’s critically acclaimed book is perfect reading for Draft Day fans!
Now available in eBook format!

(April 10, 2014) Draft day is coming to NYC on May 8th, and what better time to pick up a copy of The Draft, the first title in award-winning author Wil Mara’s popular series of ‘NFL novels.’ Written with the full cooperation of the National Football League during Mara’s ten years of intensive research and firsthand interviews, The Draft tells the unforgettable story of one General Manager’s attempt to wheel and deal his way to the first overall pick in the draft in order to obtain a gifted young quarterback that many consider the best prospect in a generation. After grueling rounds of tense and sometimes antagonist negotiations with other GMs, the story’s hero finally gets what he wants—or does he? The surprise ending will blow you away in this funny, fast-paced, and realistic look at the behind-the-scenes world of the NFL.

The Draft is available now online and at bookstores everywhere—including, for the first, time, in all popular eBook formats. For further information about The Draft and Mara’s other novel in the series, the acclaimed The Cut, please visit www.wilmara.com

* Also be sure to check out the short piece Wil wrote about NFL draft trivia, originally published on NFL.com and now available at http://www.chicagobears.com/news/article-1/Interesting-tidbits-about-the-NFL-Draft/1B891555-B2B6-477A-BD74-4926CA1FC9C7.

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What the Pros Have Said about Wil Mara’s The Draft—

“The Draft is an entertaining and realistic look inside the NFL. Any football fan will find it ‘must’ reading.”—Bill Polian, President, Indianapolis Colts

“Wil Mara’s foray into the sometimes unfriendly confines of the NFL draft room provides an intriguing insight into a process that can be as competitive as those that occur on the gridiron itself.”—Marv Levy, Hall of Fame Head Coach, Buffalo Bills

“Wil Mara’s first novel set in the world of professional football offers not only an intriguing storyline but also a remarkable attention to detail not often found in sports fiction. NFL fans will enjoy every page of The Draft.”—Gil Brandt, Vice President of Player Personnel, Dallas Cowboys (1980-1989) / Senior Analyst, NFL.com

“The Draft is a fascinating novel about what can go on behind the scenes in an NFL front office—the intrigue and maneuvering. It is terrific reading for the fan who wonders how these trades and deals are made.”—Ernie Accorsi, General Manager, New York Giants

“Wil Mara goes inside the NFL draft like never before. He details the personalities and complications that go into every draft decision, making for good reading and good drama.”—John Clayton, NFL Analyst and Senior Writer, ESPN

“The Draft is a smartly crafted and highly engrossing novel about deals, decisions, and desperation in the world of pro football. The characters are marvelously drawn, and the writing is razor’s-edge sharp. If you are a fan of this game, then The Draft is one book you absolutely must read.”—Peter Golenbock, author of Cowboys Have Always Been My Heroes: The Definitive Oral History of America’s Team