“Cab Calloway, depression-era sort of swing meets Don Draper’s Mad Men” – Huffington Post

“By focusing on that moment in the mid-1940s when swing began evolving into R&B and then rock, bands like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy went a long way in the movement to reconnect jazz with the popular audience. … There’s a lot to be said for a band that offers a swinging, danceable mix of Count Basie (“The Jitters”), Randy Newman (“It’s Lonely at the Top”) and Jon Hendricks (“Gimme That Wine”), together with leader Scotty Morris’s engaging originals.”-Wall Street Journal

“Solid horn section and half-crazed vocal chops “- All Music

“Horn section segments to die for, and drumming even Gene Krupa would proud of.”-Associated Press

“Rattle Them Bones accomplishes what it’s supposed to—it swings like mad, it feels good, it’s familiar. But that’s not all it does; the new set also serves as a compelling reminder that this is a collective of superior players, deserving of attention outside of the niche they helped spawn.”- Jazz Times

“From the instant the band entered the stage and played their first note all the way up until the end of their set, the place was filled with the heroic efforts of the dancers in the audience fueled by the endless energy of the band. Cohesively catchy and toe-tappingly merry, the overall sound of BBVD is hard not to like.”-Boston Music Spotlight

“This is the kind of music that initially got me hooked on jazz many moons ago. The jump/swing of guys like Louis Jordan or Cab Calloway … if you want to remember why you enjoy music, go no further.” –

“ ‘America’s favorite little big band’ will have the audience on its feet, snapping fingers, tapping toes and jitterbugging to its rollicking hot licks, snazzy vocals and driving rhythms …”- Albuquerque Journal

“Quickly approaching the two-decade mark of existence, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is a band that is continuing to gain momentum with its one-of-a-kind vintage sound… colorful fusion of classic American sounds including jazz, swing, and dixieland mixed with the energy and spirit of contemporary culture.” – etown.org

“The band’s performances are typically carefree, celebratory and unpredictable. The band also connects with the crowd, which is an increasingly lost art today.”
Atlantic City Weekly

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