Love and Longing With Rebecca Pidgeon
Her roots are in folk-pop (she was the lead singer of the British band Ruby Blue from 1986 until 1990), but Rebecca Pidgeon has been branching out steadily since releasing her first solo album, The Raven, in 1994. Her third album, The Four Marys, was a nod to her Celtic-influenced childhood in Scotland. In her latest album, Slingshot, released this year, Pidgeon moves easily between jazz, folk, country, and rock as she explores themes of love and yearning with unflinching honesty, laying bare the ways in which we strive and seek. “As humans, we always have a tinge of longing because we’re always striving for some other thing. There’s never that stasis of perfect harmony,” the singer-songwriter says.
Introduced to yoga in her teens by her mother, a senior intermediate Iyengar Yoga teacher, Pidgeon started practicing in earnest at the age of 30. After trying various styles, she returned to Iyengar Yoga, which she describes as “so deep, it’s like a feast.” Now, Pidgeon says, yoga sparks her inspiration. “Not practicing yoga would feel like being inside a prison,” she says. “It’s a discipline that guides me toward my best expression.”
Even as her music illuminates human longing, yoga serves to deepen Pidgeon’s own understanding of harmony. “That’s what yoga practice is about, trying to be completely in the present and connected to the divine, knowing what every cell in your body is doing, what condition it’s in,” she says. “Yoga directs your longing to the correct place.”


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