Since we gave a rundown of upcoming summer Red Rocks shows yesterday, it’s only fair to do the same for Denver’s Botanic Gardens. According to a Denver Post blog this afternoon, the folks at Swallow Hill have announced three shows, with the promise of more to come next week. Here’s the rundown so far, direct from the Post’s post:

July 21: Denver-born R&B star India.Arie will spend a night with captivating Israeli singer-songwriter Idan Raichel.
July 24: Bela Fleck and the original, old-school Flecktones will share a night at the Gardens’ Chatfield location with Bruce Hornsby.

Aug. 4: k.d. lang and her Siss Boom Band will play a late-summer engagement at the DBG to celebrate the release of their latest, “Sing it Loud.”

Again, we’ll have the full schedule before anybody else, so come on by next week for more goods.

Fine, rub it in, you guys. ’Cos I actually wasn’t gonna point out that it’s Siss Boom Bang, not Siss Boom Band, but hey, if that’s the way it’s gonna be …

Anyway, here are a couple of pertinent videos, including a brand new clip of what’s surely the best song Roy Orbison never wrote, featuring lang singing “I’ll be your daddy” to a hot stripper. Go, k.d.!



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