Russell Brand made Dionne Bromfield blush with his compliments on her music.
The notorious ladies man – who is now married to singer Katy Perry – is the only celebrity the ‘Yeah Right’ singer has met who made her go weak at the knees.
She told BANG Showbiz: “The only person I got star stuck by was Russell Brand, and I don’t know why. I talked to him, and I don’t know why – it’s only him that I’ve ever met that this happened with. I’d actually performed and he said, ‘Oh, you’re really good’, and I was astounded, I said, ‘Did he just say that?’ then I got a little hot and flush-y, I couldn’t help it!”
The 15-year-old star – who is no stranger to A-list stars, even hanging out with Justin Bieber – added she’d “hope” Russell is a fan of her music, and while she she’d like him to recommend her to his ‘Firework’ singer spouse, there’s another star she’s got her sights set on recording with.
Dionne added: “Jessie J is phenomenal. She’s doing a couple of shows soon, and I’m hoping to check them out and I’m label buddies with her, so I’d love to do something with her, a duet or something.”
‘Yeah Right’ is available to download now, while Dionne’s second album ‘Good for the Soul’ will follow in the summer.



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