The Amy Winehouse Foundation Gets The U.S. Launch!

So fab! We were wondering when this would happen! Mitch and Janis Winehouse, proud parents of Amy Winehouse, have launched The Amy Winehouse Foundation at the Joe’s Pub Press Conference in NYC! This is the same venue where Amy debuted in the US in 2007. They spoke about their daughter and and Amy’s friends and […]


Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s dad, looked around Joe’s Pub for a moment at the party to announce the foundation designed to help kids and honor the memory of his late daughter and said, “This is the worst reason to be here. We miss her, she’s here with us.” Last night those sad, emotional words, that moved […]

The Amy Winehouse Foundation Launches In The U.S.

Written By: Eric Diep While Amy Winehouse will always be remembered for her blues, the 27-year-old has one more platform to keep her spirit alive. The parents of Winehouse, Mitch and Janis Winehouse, announced yesterday (April 11) at a press conference at Joe’s Pub in New York the launch of the Amy Winehouse Foundation in […]