Editor’s Pick: Robert Cray Band

Robert Cray is back with a new* band, and delivers another smooth set at the hands of producer Steve Jordan. Check out some music and a behind the scenes video from Robert… in my soul cdIf Buddy Guy is known for guitar slinging, and BB is known for his swing, veteran Robert Cray has to […]

One Track Mind: The Robert Cray Band, “You Move Me” from In My Soul (2014)

BY NICK DERISO Robert Cray switches producers for his second album in two years for Mascot/Provogue, but keeps the same visceral guitar presence on the advance single “You Move Me.” It’s bright, then serrated — and always right up front — throughout this loping paean to wobbly-kneed passion. About that utterly in-the-pocket groove: In My […]

Run DMC, DJ A-Trak Spin Off New Launch for Adidas

By Jordan Teicher Adidas and Sid Lee are framing the new “Unite All Originals” as Run DMC vs. DJ A-Trak, but the versus bit comes on too strong. The campaign is much more affable than combative, think of it as a buddy cop combo where there are three buddies instead of two and the buddies […]

Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes TV Spot Featuring Danny Aiello

One of Danny Aiello’s proudest moments was his service to the country. In the Army he saw firsthand how training and discipline instill values that create great leadership abilities and a can-do spirit that transfer into the civilian workforce. Hire smart and bet on a vet. Phone: 1-888-44-Salute Ad URL Saluteheroes.org