…from the legendary hip-hop group run dmc, but after making his mark in music, darryl McDANIELS is now determined to take on the world of comic books….

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The superhero. Then we jam with mia maestro. Plus, the art of sumo. Trust me when I tell you, this can only be seen on “latination.. I’m your host humberto guida. And this week’s stories are all about re-invention, and that goes especially for our first story. You know him as dmc, the king of rock from the legendary hip-hop group run dmc, but after making his mark in music, darryl McDANIELS is now determined to take on the world of comic books. With a character modeled after his onstage persona, darryl knew like any superhero, he needed a helping hand, and by joining forces with comic book art director edgardo miranda, dmc’s foray into the comic book world has been launched. And we have the origin story coming up right here on “latination.” >> I’m the king of rock there ain’t nothing higher run dmc you can call me sire >> Yo, what’s up? Dmc in the place to be, the place to be is with dmc. I’m the best emcee in history. There will never be an emcee better than me. Darryl McDANIELS aka dmc, the king of rock. >> Here we go it’s tricky to rock around to rock around that’s right on time it’s tricky it’s tricky, tricky, tricky >> Well, before hip-hop came over the bridge from the bronx, I would go to school and I would come home, and my wholes.ow, hip-hop comes over the bridge, the beats, the rhymes, the style, everything about it was me. And just like I wanted to be batman and superman, all of the little kids wanted to be grandmaster flash, afrika bambaataa. Those guys were like my superheroes. And I never really understood that until I got into hip-hop and started making records with run and jay where, you know, after our first record drops, people say, man, when run dmc came out, you guys were like our superheroes. My name is darryl >> You can call him “d” >> You can call me darryl mac >> Or you can call him dmc >> And what brings it all together is this, we had this huge collection of comic books. And I’ll never forget the day–my brother was 3 years older than me, alfred, he comes in the room and he goes, yo, we got to get some turntables ’cause we gotta be part of this hip-hop thing. And just by the look on his face, I was like, no, no, don’t say it. He was like we have to do a comic book sale. The thing that happened to me was I had to put down the pencil, ’cause I was always drawing a comic book, and I picked up the microphone. So when people look and say, why the hell is dmc is involved with comic book culture? Because it’s not dmc that’s involved with comic book culture, it’s darryl McDANIELS, the little kid, that is a part of comic book culture. >> Dmc came to me with this idea of actually doing a comic book because he wanted to be a superhero. And I actually engaged him in this conversation and I told dmc if we’re going to create an original graphic novel with you as a superhero, let’s have a fresh look at it. From a story telling perspective, it looks beautiful to see wild style graffiti, young people of all colors, posing and b-boy stances, but for me, it was important to tell a story in a way that manyoplere familiar with. There’s still a hero, there’s still a villain, there’s still supporting characters. Now, when you see comic books by other publishers, one of the things that the publisher always does is that they would introduce you to the writer, they’ll introduce you to the artists. They’ve never been able to actually introduce you to the hero. You’re gonna see him on the pages of our comic book and graphic novel, but he’s physically there and he has this amazing presence and a connection to his fans and a connection to his public. We actually decided to look at dmc as an icon. What was it about dmc iconography that stood the test of time? It was his adidas snickers. It was his track suit. It was his godfather hat. It was his ultra goliath and his gold chain. That was our prototype where we actually grew our character from. The main thing that I hope our book “dmc” accomplishes is it continues to celebrate comic book culture, but it brings more people to the table. >> I want kids from this book to get a vision that anything they can dream of, anything they can pretend to be–i pretended to be melly mel, I became an emcee. I pretended to have a comic book myself by drawing it, now I got one. I want kids to realize, comic books ain’t for make believe, it’s for real.

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Run-D.M.C.’s Darryl McDaniels on Why Marvel Was Always Better Than DC Comics

For 30 years now, Run-D.M.C.’s music has been ubiquitous. As rap’s premier group of the ’80s — which saw their hits becoming staples in seemingly every coming-of-age movie — Run-D.M.C., and tracks like “It’s Tricky” and “Walk This Way,” have burrowed themselves into our brains.

With members Rev Run, 50 (née Joseph Ward Simmons), and D.M.C. (born in 1964 as Darryl Matthews McDaniels) coming together for a special concert December 19 at the Barclays Center, D.M.C.’s also making waves in the comic-book world with a new graphic novel from his own Darryl Makes Comics publishing company — the book hit store shelves last October — as well as a forthcoming album featuring some of music’s biggest, and perhaps most unexpected, names.

We spoke to D.M.C. about his historic career and new venture, as well as a certain Christmas regret from years gone by.

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DMC Saves the World

By: Savas Abadsidis

I’m the king of rock, there is none higher
Sucker MC’s should call me sire…
DMC stands for devestating mic control
You can’t touch me with a ten foot pole…
My name is Darryl, you can call him D
You can call me Darryl Mack, or you can call him DMC
People always ask, “DMC, what does it mean?”
D’s for never dirty, MC for mostly clean
Like we said before, we rock hardcore
I’m DJ Run, I can scratch. I’m DMC, I can draw”

King of Rock, RUN DMC, 1985

Written by Darryl McDaniels and Produced by Russell Simmons

With those lyrics RUN DMC went onto rule the airways for most of the 1980s, but as DMC aka Darryl McDaniels tells me, even then their handles were alter egos, with superheroes influencing them all over their records. Cut to 2014, and McDaniels was omnipresent at New York Comic Con taking photos and talking to fans about his new comic and comic book company DMC (Darryl Makes Comics). In the book, which takes place in the milieu of 1980s urban NYC, a superhero called DMC is busy trying to save the city.

For Mr. McDaniels, who conceived of the premise and worked with a team to make the project a reality, DMC is a celebration of his lifelong love of comics.

“I was a kid who had my lunch money taken away,” Mr. McDaniels said, the neighborhood bullies in Hollis, Queens, had decided he was rich because of his Catholic school uniform. “The walk home to my house was terror ridden. Spider-Man took me to a place where everything was great.” The world presented in DMC also needs a beacon of hope. It’s 1985, and New York is crime-ridden, graffiti-stained and simmering with racial tension. The hero — dressed in an Adidas tracksuit and sneakers, with brass knuckles embossed with “D.M.C.” — is doing his part to protect the powerless.

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Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels is doing something “way way cooler”

By Eric Renner Brown

– All too often, the cycle in which washed-up celebrities cash in with pulpy memoirs and as guests on reality TV series repeats itself. But hip-hop legend Darryl McDaniels, a founder of Run-D.M.C., is doing something way, way cooler. McDaniels has loved comics since he read them as a kid in Queens, and now he has launched Darryl Makes Comics to put his own spin on the genre.


DMC No. 1 hits shelves on Oct. 29 and follows an alternate New York reality where DMC never became a rapper. Instead, the comic’s description explains, DMC wears a tracksuit and Adidas sneakers to defend “the city’s marginalized citizens against super villain and super hero alike,” allying himself with a reporter and a band of graffiti artists. The comics will blend “traditional comic book storytelling with the pressures and anxieties of 1980’s NYC.” This week has been a great one for comic lovers.

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Darryl “DMC” McDaniels Explains Why He Got Into The Comic Book Business

By Andrew Steinbeiser

Before one of the world’s most iconic hip-hop artists even knew how to throw down a beat, he was something else entirely: A comic book geek.

Speaking with Bloomberg TV, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run-DMC explained how comic book superheroes were the first passion in his life. A self-described “geeky, nerdy kid,” McDaniels said he grew up on a steady diet of Spider-Man, Batman, and other superheroes.

In fact, McDaniels attributed much of his academic success to comics. Despite his teacher’s condemnation of comics, the future-rapper used the four-color adventures as his gateway into reading and writing. Through Captain America, he learned the history of WWII. By reading Iron Man, he discovered the world of science and technology.

“My world, my total existence, was enhanced, inspired, motivated, and educated by the world of comics,” McDaniels revealed. So to all the RUN DMC fans out there, thank comic books when you get the chance.

Now, McDaniels is returning to his first love by publishing his very own line of comics, “Darryl Makes Comics” (or DMC). The series follows McDaniels in an alternate reality 1980’s New York City, where he chooses the path of a vigilante instead of a music artist.


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Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels launches comic book line with Latino characters, artists



Long before rapper Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC became a hip hop star, he was just a little kid living in Hollis, Queens, whose life revolved around comic books.

Now, at 50 years old, he’s living out his dream by launching his own independent publishing house, Daryl Makes Comics.

“I didn’t want to be another rapper who was trying to capitalize on the hip hop genre just because I had a hit record,” McDaniels says. “I wanted to tackle real issues head on.”

McDaniels always questioned why hip hop didn’t have a breakthrough superhero in the comic book world. But what drew him into these fantasy worlds was how they were reflections of the times.

“Look at the X-Men and how people were scared of them because they were different; they had to deal with racism and acceptance and that was super-important,” McDaniels says.

But McDaniels, along with his partner and collaborator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, want to take it a step further by confronting such issues as domestic violence, AIDS and homophobia.

To top it off, DMC is also introducing several Latino characters, including Leticia Quiñones, aka LAK6, a spunky, 13-year-old Puerto Rican graffiti writer who takes on villains.

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Kiel Phegley, Staff Writer

While comics has seen its share of “famous fanboys” arrive from movies and TV in recent years, few media personas have been kicking around the convention scene as long as Darryl “DMC” McDaniels.

The legendary hip hop MC has been preaching his love of comics since his days as part of Run DMC, and over the past several years, he’s also been a frequent con guest and has shown up on the fringe of comics culture. Now, the musician is taking his love of the superhero genre out of the fan realm and into publishing with Darryl Makes Comics — a new comics imprint whose first series arrives this October.

Founded by DMC with Editor-in-Chief Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and music executive/Senior Editor Rigo “Riggs” Morales, Darryl Makes Comics has been teasing its superhero series “DMC” at conventions all summer long. “DMC” the series takes the hat, shades and gold chains of the rapper’s stage persona and morphs them into an original superhero, fighting for the common good in a world inspired by the street culture of 1980s New York City. The full graphic novella #1 — which will appear at New York Comic Con and soon after in comic shops — sports a creative team that includes writer Damion Scott (“Batgirl”), consultant Ron Wimberly (“Prince of Cats”), interior artists like comics stars Felipe Smith (“All-New Ghost Rider”) and Jeff Stokely (“Six-Gun Gorilla”), animation artists like Chase Conely (“Black Dynamite”) and graffiti writers like MARE 139. And the entire package is topped off with a cover by longtime “Spider-Man” artist Sal Buscema.

CBR News spoke with E-i-C Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and DMC the man about “DMC” the superhero. The pair describe how they wanted to avoid the pitfalls of celebrity and music comic ventures by focusing on a heroic lead in an artistically diverse world first, and how the mysterious battles experienced across the first issue’s anthology format will lead to a future universe of stories.

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Run-DMC’s rapper Darryl McDaniels launches

The newly minted comic company, Darryl Makes Comics, is ready to debut its first novel, ‘DMC’ at New York Comic Con in October. Darryl McDaniels portrays himself as a superhero instead of a rapper in the graphic novels.


Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC is going back to his childhood passion – comic books – with Darryl Makes Comics and its first novel, “DMC,” in which he is portrayed as the superhero.

Rapper Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC fame may be known for crushing “Sucker MCs” — but he’s unmasking himself as a comic book nerd.

Selling 25 million records is impressive enough, but McDaniels is now living out a childhood fantasy at age 50 with the launch of his own line of comic books.

The “DMC” graphic novel will hit comic stores Oct. 29.

The newly minted comic company, Darryl Makes Comics, is ready to debut its first novel, “DMC” — set in an alternate ’80s universe of the Big Apple where the Hollis, Queens, product is a superhero instead of a rapper.

It isn’t just a business venture, it’s a lifelong calling.

“I was a shy kid, so when DJ Run (aka Joseph Simmons, who along with the late Jam Master Jay formed the pioneering hip-hop group) was first putting me on these records, I went back to my comic books for confidence,” McDaniels told the Daily News.

“I would hear a beat and go, ‘OK, what would the Hulk do to this?’ It was all imagination to me.

“That’s why, if you hear my delivery,” he added, breaking into one of his signature rhymes, “‘Crash through walls/Come through floors/Bust through ceilings’ — all the dominant punching lines came from (channeling) the Hulk.”

The new DMC, who debuts at next month’s New York Comic Con, no longer has to pretend to be someone else’s superhero: His comic alter ego even rocks his signature Adidas, fedora and rope chain, only with a face mask that looks tougher than leather.

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It’s Tricky To Rock A Comic – RUN-DMC.’s Darryl McDaniels Gets His Geek On In With An Alternate 1985 – Preview

by Rich Johnston


Hip Hop loves comics. Comics love hip hop. And this is the latest mash between the two.

An alternative 1985, in New York City, in a time of racial and social turmoil. With the rise of the Guardian Angels – but these ones have superpowers.

And one suspicious of this activity – even as he takes on a super identity himself – is one Darryl McDaniels who, in the world, never founded RUN-DMC. but took up the cape and cowl instead as DMC, while teaching high school English in his secret identity.

I think that’s pretty irresistible, don’t you? This is what Darryl has to say about it all.


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DMC of Run DMC is Bringing Real NY Flavor to Comics

Historically, comics have never accurately embodied the world we live in.  Geekdom is much more diverse than The Big Bang Theory would have you believe, and many in the nerd community are tired of having a universe that does not fairly represent our lives.  At the same time, the image that the media feeds us of hip hop is rarely a fair depiction of the culture.  Many modern, commercialized rappers claim to represent “hip hop,” but MCing is only one aspect of a larger culture, a culture these rappers are not invested in.   Luckily, Hip Hop legend, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and total comic book head DMC has launched a new comic that will give a realistic take on both the NYC streets the characters live in and Hip Hop.

DMC, AKA Darryl McDaniels, is teaming up with some of the best creators in comics for his new imprint Darryl Make Comics.  The first graphic novel, set to drop in October 29, 2014, is appropriately titled DMC.  The lead character is an alternative version of McDaniels.  Instead of battling sucker MCs, this DMC is a superpowered teacher who fights reprehensible villains.  The backdrop of this story is the city where both Hip Hop and comics were born.


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